Monday, December 19, 2011

Villupuram Employment Office Online

Online Employment Office

New User : - Register your name in employment office through online. Click here to employment online

Existing User : - Add addtional degree, Change of Address, Correction in your registration also through online. Click here to employment online

How to Use

With user name and password login to employment and check your details.

If u don't know the username, password. please follow the information below and found your username and password easily and login to your employment.

Username Example :- VPD1998F00007054

UserName: VPD - RegistrationYear - M or F - 0000 - Registration Number (without "-")

Password: Your Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy) in this format including "/" symbol

Username Example :- VPD 1998 F 0000 7054

Step - 1. For those register in villupuram employment office use "VPD" as a code.

step - 2. Employemnet Registration Year ( Which year your are register in employment office).

step - 3. if you are Male candidate use "M" or Female Candidate use "F".

Step - 4. use four zeros (if employment registration number is four digit) use five Zeros (if employment registration number is three digit).

step - 5. Employment Registration Number (check your employment card (pathivu en)).

Write down the all the 5 steps in adjacent you get an username.

Password Example : 05/12/1982 (your date of birth is the password including slash note if date and month is single digit add zero before it and year in four digit as per example)

Now you can logon easily.

Further clarification check employment office website.